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There are a variety of commercial concrete coatings that are available for industrial warehouses and other business enterprises. The final selection may be dependent upon the types of activities that occur in your plant or facility. Reputable and professional commercial concrete contractors will be able to review your concrete surface and discuss with your the […]

You are in for a lot of choices if you want to apply concrete floor coatings whether it is at your home or in a commercial area. Aside from sealers, you can apply paints or stains. Paints need a moderately rough floor feature for it to bond well and last. You can accomplish that using […]

Using concrete resurfacing services will allow you to breathe life back into your driveway, side walk, patio and many other outdoor surfaces without the need to have a complete replacement. This type of service will save you tons of money over re-pouring the brand new concrete. By using concrete resurfacing you have the option to […]

Epoxy is a kind of glue formed from the reaction of polyamine and epoxide, thus the name polyepoxide. As a thermosetting polymer material, polyepoxides find many uses in different fields such as manufacturing, electronics, biology and art. In the modern world, epoxy applications are very extensive and in demand. Practical Uses of Epoxy Floor Applications […]

The process of concrete resurfacing also referred to as concrete spraying provides a remarkable way for home interiors to have a new surface at cheaper cost. In the past several years, attractive concrete spraying has undergone significant evolution. With this type of process, you can easily change old surfaces and transform them to incredibly beautiful […]

The most neglected part of a house is probably the driveway. Many homes hardly pay any attention to it since it is just used for housing the car and some repair tools. It is not really where guests are accommodated. But a good looking and well-groomed driveway can actually add some impact and contribute to […]

Consumers often look for products that can preserve and enhance the value of their properties. This also holds true for floorings in the homes of consumers. There are products available in the market nowadays that specialize in keeping the flooring safe from deterioration while maintaining its good form. In doing so, two types of floor […]

The Best Garage Floor Coatings

by on July 27, 2012

The garage is usually one of the few areas of the home that sees very little in the way of upgrades and remodels. Even those transforming their garage into a workshop usually don’t take all the steps they would if they were remodeling a room within their home. Perhaps the most overlooked area here is […]

Choosing the flooring for your commercial space may not seem like a high priority, but when you consider the importance of the material on which you stand and which supports you equipment, or the surface that ties together the visual impression of your space for your customers, you will quickly realize that this should be […]

Are you sick and tired of looking at your stained, dirty garage floor? Most people relegate the garage to utilitarian duty only, but if you want to make the area match the rest of your home (or you’re just tired of having that eyesore), there are several options available to you. You can certainly spend […]