Top 3 Best Concrete Patio Designs


Designing a concrete patio blossoms creativity from you. Nowadays, hundreds of concepts can enhance the outdoor extension of your homes. From a wooden lodge theme to a fireplace by the backyard concept, these designs capture anyone’s taste.

Which part of the house: Patio or Porch?

First, let’s clear up some confusion. Do you have a porch or a patio? Are the designs mentioned here suits the area in my property? Yes. There’s no need to complicate your concern.

You have a patio when this is the area by your home’s front yard. Usually found outdoors. The porch is simply the extension connecting your indoors to the steps outside. This one is like your balconies, traditionally covered by a shade. Where you find your porch is just where you’ll locate the patio too. Today, the terms can share the same meanings.

Patios are the designer’s and contractors’ specific terms for outdoor concrete. If you have concrete patios, it’s time for you to make them stand out from your exteriors. Here are the latest designs this 2020.

1. European Inspired

european concrete patioLoggia is what Italians call their porches. Loggia inspired designs are perfect for concrete patios. It is the “Mother Art” for concrete designing. Usually found outdoors, the concrete space was left out in the open, mingling with the plants, grass, and trees. 

Today though, the patios serve a home a place to mingle with guests. A chateau styled residences have gardens. On the other hand, practical owners have patios, incorporating their gardens and facades. Even commercial hotels, villages, and homesteads design their patios to attract an audience. 

Modern designers love to revive the old-world structure by incorporating concrete floors, arcs, or dome-like roofs to a porch to create a classic European feel. Enhance your patios with these. Stain acid the concrete base for a complete 17th-century appearance.

2. Vertical Gardens

hanging-garden-for-concrete-patioOkay, guess that this second concept is what you are waiting for. Do you love DIY? This is for you.

Create a vertical gardening theme in your patios. The natural stone flooring found in your exterior blend well with plants. Instead of structuring your front yard with a traditional garden landscape, you can depart from the pots and try hanging pots. 

Vertical gardening also uses hanging squared-frames for plotting in the air plants, succulents, or cacti! Anyone can do this. Check out your favorite DIY channel or website and see how to create your hanging frames.

Listed below are vertical gardening designs and decors you can learn making:

Vertical walls. Wooden plots, made of old planks to hang and attach the plants.

Orchid Stands. Use old logs. Timber cut out from your backyard makes a cost-efficient garden accent for hanging the expensive orchids.

Mini Waterfalls. Mix in water elements and recycle timbers by creating a DIY water fountain. 

3. Rustic Rancher

fireplace-in-concrete-patioDo you love hosting barbecue parties? Then incorporate a backyard fireplace that hinges on your concrete patio. This is also a suitable accent for achieving a ranch-style front yard. This design is particular for you if you love a warm, rustic ambiance in your front yard in the evenings. It is your go-to set up if you love having close, intimate moments with your friends and family.

These days the most needed skills are creativity and innovation. Use materials your local areas provide. Patio or porch, you can create them with designs that you'll want them to appear with. When designing, you can incorporate what will work best for you.

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