Concrete Resurfacing Options for Concrete Surfaces

The process of concrete resurfacing also referred to as concrete spraying provides a remarkable way for home interiors to have a new surface at cheaper cost. In the past several years, attractive concrete spraying has undergone significant evolution. With this type of process, you can easily change old surfaces and transform them to incredibly beautiful floors and counter tops.

Usually, interior designers fail to realize that there are many concrete resurfacing options that could possibly change the look of your homes. Most skilled surface fabricators now use acid staining and other advanced techniques to achieve various eye-catching concrete designs.

Weathered and patchy concrete surfaces need constant maintenance and repair. The process of resurfacing could be discouraging at first since this usually requires complete removal of the old concrete surface before getting a new one. But because of advances in technology, new processes were developed to make resurfacing easier. Nowadays, contractors prefer overlaying old concrete compared to removing it. This new process allows contractors to finish resurfacing in a relatively shorter period of time but with the same results expected from the Los Angeles concrete resurfacing project.

Below are some of the most common techniques used by skilled fabricators for concrete spraying or resurfacing.

Pave Spraying

Pave spraying is a good way of changing your dilapidated concrete into a new concrete surface with a dazzling look. This is generally concrete coating which is applied to the current concrete surfaces. Recommended for both old and new concrete surfaces, pave spraying is more durable compared to the regular concrete surfaces. Aside from this, pave spraying is quite effortless to clean and is resistant to fading. Wide variations of color options along with options for stencil patterns could provide you numerous design combinations to select from. Pave spraying is one of the most preferred techniques to provide your current concrete a new look without spending too much.

Lime Coat Resurfacing

Lime coat resurfacing includes application of lime coat that imitates the surface of a real stone. This technique is commonly used to restore stone relics, historical landmarks and buildings. However, most artisans today use this technique for various choices, from industrial buildings to commercial applications, and for different places such as amusement parks, restaurants and hospitals.

Stamped Concrete Overlaying

Stamped concrete overlaying has gained fame over the last couple of decades. The surfaces with stamped concrete overlays are made by using finishing techniques such as textured and patterned surfaces before spraying on concrete surface. The design of the surface can further be improved by adding colors resembling natural stone and brick. Today, numerous technologies and techniques are often used to create dazzling surfaces. Alongside concrete surfaces, discussed above, flat work is also an accepted technique for resurfacing. If you are considering this product, make certain to check if the proposed surface is compatible with resurfacing procedures. If you don’t have the skills, then it is best to get the services of a trained professional to do the concrete resurfacing. This will make certain better quality and appeal for your concrete surface.

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