A Look at Your Various Garage Floor Coating Options

Are you sick and tired of looking at your stained, dirty garage floor? Most people relegate the garage to utilitarian duty only, but if you want to make the area match the rest of your home (or you’re just tired of having that eyesore), there are several options available to you. You can certainly spend the next several weeks trying to remove the grease and oil stains from the concrete, but garage floor coating options are simpler, easier and, ultimately, more cost effective. Moreover, there are quite a few options out there.


Painting your Orange County garage floor can be a good way to blot out unsightly stains, and newer paints formulations on the market can promise to help prevent staining in the future. Of course, paint isn’t necessarily the best choice out there – hot tire pickup is a real problem, even with permanent oil-based paints. If painting is your preferred solution, you need to ensure that you don’t use your garage to store your vehicles. If you’re using it simply for extra storage space or as a craft/hobby area, painting might be an “ok” solution.

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlays are also options if you’re looking for a garage floor coating solution. These come in several different forms, though the most common is a thin overlay of cement. These are usually stamped with decorative designs, and can be stained virtually any color you might want. Moreover, stamped concrete overlays can be made to resemble pretty much any flooring type you might want, from black and white checkers to hardwood and natural stone. The problem with this type of floor coating is that it will still be just as easy to stain as your previous floor, unless you seal it. However, the sealer will eventually wear away and need to be replaced.

Epoxy Solutions

Perhaps the best solution for covering up that unsightly, stained garage floor is to invest in an epoxy overlay. Made from durable, impermeable epoxy resin, these coatings stand the test of time. In addition, you’ll find that they give you the ability to color and design the floor in pretty much any way you want (just like concrete overlays). The real benefit of epoxy is the fact that oil, grease, gasoline and other chemicals won’t stain or etch it the way that they do untreated concrete, giving you access to one of the longest lasting floor coatings on the market.

Get Expert Help

If you’re still on the fence about your options in garage floor coatings, or you don’t want to have to apply a coating on your own, consider working with an expert. Working with a concrete flooring professional offers quite a few benefits. For instance, you’ll know the job was done right the first time – doing it on your own can be tough, particularly if you have little experience with epoxy resin. You’ll also find that it lets you take it easy while someone else does all the work.

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