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Maintaining Concrete Driveway: How to Properly Maintain a Driveway

by on November 15, 2012

The most neglected part of a house is probably the driveway. Many homes hardly pay any attention to it since it is just used for housing the car and some repair tools. It is not really where guests are accommodated. But a good looking and well-groomed driveway can actually add some impact and contribute to the overall look of the house. Thus, we also need to take care of it. When you see some cracks, splits or anything that can pose damage to your driveway you need to attend to it immediately to avoid further damage.

Concrete driveways are the most popular type of driveway material used since it is relatively inexpensive and has a lot of variety in terms of color and texture you can choose from. You can have them stained to complement and match the exteriors of your house as well as your landscape or for a high-end look have them textured to different patterns. But to keep this look in your driveway you need to do regular maintenance and check ups on it so it doesn’t deteriorate easily and prevent ground water from seeping in. Here is a great way on maintaining concrete driveways you can follow to take care of it.

What you’ll need:

  • A sealer
  • Your kit for repairing concrete
  • And a power washer

What to do:

  • First thing you want to do is immediately seal your concrete driveway as soon as the installation is finished. Putting a sealer on is a great way to prevent it from cracking and splitting from alternating episodes of freezing and thawing that the environment experiences. There are some sealers you can buy that are applied through spraying while there are some that are applied through rolling. Whichever you choose you have to remember to reapply them every five years or less to help keep your concrete driveway protected.
  • Regular sweeping and washing of your concrete driveway is also a must. Sweep out any debris and dirt on the surface using your power washer so you can easily check of there are any damages on your driveway already. The power washer also helps in removing any stain that can cause discoloration on your concrete driveway and cause permanent damage.
  • Once you start seeing weeds and grasses growing from cracks and split on your concrete, pull them out immediately. They spread and grow super fast and quick that you will soon have your concrete driveway covered in grass if you don’t attend to it immediately. Also, they have a tendency to widen the cracks and make further damage to your driveway when not attended early on.
  • Small cracks and splits should not be ignored. This will attract the growth of weeds and grass that will cause further cracks and damages. Thus, when you see one repair it immediately using your concrete repair kit. Such kit is available at hardware stores.

These are ways on how you can maintain your concrete driveway. Make sure you do regular check ups to see if there are already cracks and splits somewhere so you can attend to it immediately and avoid any further damages.

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