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The comforts of a home cannot be without polished, flawlessly built floors. Los Angeles residential and commercial spaces flourishes with properties that pay a good investment.

It is a seat of the Film and entertainment industry. That is why every property in the city strives to build polished spaces. It is like those locations we see behind the television scenes. 

Behind the name, The City of Angels, is a track of long historical facts. While making the high-end metropolitan escapes, it is the polished concrete that accents homes and business areas. We at Concrete Coating Specialists are here to make your flooring dreams come true!

concrete pool deck los angeles ca

Acrylic Cement Coating

Acrylic cement coating has admirable quality. It uses a system that makes concrete breathe. With this quality, a much-improved concrete is what you got. Its strength and durability triples.

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing LA is the solution to business needs. A space upgrade with beautiful concrete floors that can be refinished, repaired, or resurfaced. Small retail stores or market places achieve a cost-efficient solution when fixing and revamping spaces. Have more customers enter your business with safe, smooth flooring systems in style.

Residential Concrete Resurfacing

LA homes beautified with decorative concrete coating and resurfacing. Interior and exterior floors exude elegance. Seamless, polished residential floorings create a family-friendly, safer household.

Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete Contractors Los Angeles helps your pools get that coastal vibe matched with high-end pool decks. Decorative concrete resurfacing and coatings can transform old, traditional decks. Our products offer an unlimited combination of designs for upgrading tools. Whether you have an in-ground or above ground pool. Concrete pool deck repairs in LA will meet your desire.

Garage Floors

Revamp the garage areas with advance, quick install floors. Epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic flooring has it covered. LA garages transform into workspaces that owners love. This part of the property invites creativity flow for the floor.

Concrete Patios

Unique ideas can transform patios into a paradise in your residential spaces. Concrete is best for outdoor flooring. It creates safer, non-skid, and very resistant steps in your backyard or garden. The function meets form as well. The outdoor concrete can be improved with stamps, overlays, refinishing, and more.

los angeles concrete garage floor

Concrete Driveways

LA driveways are easier to maintain when enhanced with concrete. Polished and seamless do not only look good for indoors. Outdoor concrete, such as the entrance or facade of your home, need a good impression. Achieve this when it is easily maintained. To sustain a driveways’ condition, concrete maintenance should offer you no trouble. Resurfacing driveways with decorative concrete serve you best.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamping concrete overlays is the best solution for old concrete. Especially on outdoor concrete when exposed to too much damage. This solution is more cost-efficient than the replacement of the old slabs in your properties.

Concrete Staining

Anywhere you are in CA, Concrete Contractors Los Angeles can make beautiful floors. Staining reseals old worn cement or concrete. Your properties will receive protection too. Staining is a flooring solution that penetrates the floors. This makes the floors stronger. If you want a color finish that lasts, staining is for you.

Front Entryway

Like your driveways, your entryway can enhance a space’s overall appeal. With decorative concrete installed in your outdoor areas, the property’s aesthetic improves.

Heated High-Pressure Extraction Cleaning

If you need pressure cleaning, the experts will help out! Here at Concrete Coating Specialist, we provide solutions that will fit your needs. Preserving the concrete might not need repair or any resurfacing. Maybe, in some instances, you might only need a deep cleaning. A heated high-pressure power washing is what you need. This process uses a special tool to force the dirt out of the surface effectively.

Sport & Tennis Court Refinishing

Let your leisure spots in LA sustain its appeal. Has it easily maintained using a low-cost solution? Sports complexes and areas consist of floors that can endure heavy foot activities. These areas meet constant exposure to rigid movements. Surfaces need protective coatings to prevent harm from springing up on the floor. Have a tennis court or sports facility refinishing. Coating specialists in the concrete industry has got this massive job for you.

Get a professional Concrete Contractor Los Angeles today! We are licensed, bonded and insured serving LA and their flooring needs for years! Try us today and get started on your dream home improvement.
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