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Your business has only a few minutes to make that first impression.  The concrete at your business needs to be maintained properly in order to give customers the best possible first impression. 

If you have ugly, cracked, discolored concrete, you might be sending the wrong message. Commercial concrete resurfacing in Los Angeles can offer you some impressive benefits.

Commercial Floor Repairs and Concrete Work

Of course, repairing cracks and other damage to your concrete is more important than just the impression your business gives,. It can also be a safety issue.  

Decorative Concrete Surfaces offers far more than simply a “patch and repair” service. You’ll find that concrete coating options can transform plain, ordinary concrete into almost anything you might want. 

For instance, you can turn that boring waiting room into an elegant space with the look of natural stone – or transform you entry into an inviting entrance into your building.

This is achieved through the use of concrete overlay, a product that is applied to the top of your existing concrete after any needed repairs are made. Once the overlay is in place, it is stamped or textured with your desired design – there are myriad different design and color options available, including brick, stone, wood and more.

How Concrete Resurfacing Offers Your Business Better Safety

Another important consideration here is that this type of concrete work will actually help you provide your customers with a safer experience. 

  • Slip-resistance. Because concrete overlay products are designed to be slip resistant, you can ensure that those walking around your business are safe from slips and falls. 
  • Adding Texture. You can even add fine texture to your concrete to increase slip resistance even more while striking an aesthetic look.
  •  Highly Durable. Your business will be facing high traffic from customers and employees walking around. Thus, having strong floors will mean a lasting commercial space.

Installation Areas

No matter the type of business you have in Los Angeles CA – homeowner associations, resorts, casinos, hotels, condos, apartment complexes, front-entryways, interior floors, showrooms, conference centers, shopping malls, sidewalks tennis & sports courts, etc.  Sundek concrete overlay can make a big impression on your customers.

Concrete overlay is appropriate for entries, concrete driveways, porta cache, patios, waiting rooms, lobbies, hallways, pool decks, walkways, or anywhere there is concrete that needs to have a more attractive appearance.

Hire Professional Concrete Contractors for your Businesses

If you have dull and boring concrete or surfaces that are worn and unappealing, or if you have a commercial concrete project in LA, or in need of concrete services, Decorative Concrete Surfaces, formerly known as Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. should be the next call you make.  We are one of the top concrete contractors in Southern California, and one of the trusted concrete contractors in Los Angeles. You can reach a qualified representative prepared to answer your questions by calling 877-786-3351 or 858-336-1080. We will be happy to have a concrete expert visit your location for a free estimate.

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