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Garage Flooring Los Angeles, CA – Design & Finishes

garage_floors-san_diego_ca1Some of the same considerations for concrete parking and drives are true of garage floors. Because of the weight of an automobile, as well as the twisting and turning of tires, garage floors take a beating. When you consider the oil and other automotive products that can leak on garage floors, it becomes apparent that whatever the floor is made of or coated with, it has to be tough.

Any material used on garage floors has to be protected, whether it is a stain, epoxy finish or a form of a concrete overlay. Clear epoxy finishes are a favorite for many garage floor applications. The epoxy systems that use the paint chips to form a pattern must have a heavy top coat of epoxy finish if it is going to last. Stained garage floors require the same type of durable finish.

These clear concrete coatings San Diego are designed to be scuff and scratch resistant, but unless they are also resistive to hot tires and chemicals, they will not protect anything. If you’ve seen garage floors where the automobile tire tracks are visible, the finish was probably not hot tire resistant. Over a short period of time, the finish will stick to the tires and track off, regardless of how carefully the finish was applied.

A decorative concrete contractor Los Angeles who applies finishes regularly will be aware of what products work best in your specific situation. Some forms of surface preparation are very important to the dependability of the concrete coatings, and some of those are special to each situation.

Although garage floors don’t require concrete coatings, they are much more attractive and easy to care for when they have a quality finish. Even when a color and texture aren’t that important to an owner, a good finish on garage floors provides a much cleaner and attractive appearance.

Of course, if you are going to the trouble of providing a finish to the floor, you might as well make it a good-looking one that will endure and last, even under the stresses of hot tires and chemical product leakage.

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