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Heated High Pressure Extraction Cleaning

Cement Cleaning San Diego CADepending on where you live, it may be a legal requirement to provide heated high pressure extraction cleaning for any pressure washing projects whether residential or commercial. If you employ someone to do any work that requires pressure washing in certain areas, you must employ them or someone else to do the heated high pressure extraction cleaning, or you can be fined.

Almost any concrete overlays San Diego or concrete resurfacing Los Angeles job will necessitate the use of pressure washing to remove foreign matter and make the surface clean and bondable. Heated high pressure extraction cleaning should be performed in conjunction with the cleaning to prevent possible toxic or harmful runoff. The person who is legally responsible for the heated high pressure extraction cleaning is the one who owns the property where the pressure washing occurs.

Most contractors in the concrete resurfacing business are familiar with the laws regarding the heated high pressure extraction cleaning, but that is not an assurance that it is included in the scope of work contracted. This part of a project may be in addition to the amount quoted, so it is important to know it is a requirement in certain locations.

If the contractor prices the work with the heated high pressure extraction cleaning included, you should understand why the costs are as high as they are if you are comparing quotes. In California, most concrete refinishing services will quote a “lock and key” job that includes heated high pressure extraction cleaning, and this is done more to make their own work easier to perform.

If you are asked to contract with others for the heated high pressure extraction cleaning, you must make certain that they are licensed to provide the service. Because the work has to be performed at the same time the concrete is cleaned, it is much better to have the contractor do all the work and save yourself the problem of scheduling two contractors at the same time.

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