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Stamped Concrete Los Angeles

stamped concrete overlays-san_diego_caConcrete surfaces are expensive to pour and finish, and even when the concrete finish does not come out as is intended, it’s sometimes more frugal and less expensive to place stamped concrete overlays on top of the existing surface rather than tear out and redo.

Does a Repour Even Make Sense?

If the existing concrete is in poor condition with cracks and a very rough finish, it may not appear to be worth saving, but if it has structural integrity, stamped concrete overlays can produce a finished product that is very appealing.

Tearing out the concrete and repouring it requires equipment and labor to remove it as well as to replace it afterwards. The finished product will be no more than raw concrete after this is completed. A redo adds substantially more cost to the job, but is it worth it to go through that process when stamped concrete overlays are an option?

Stamped Concrete Overlays are Versatile and Attractive

Concrete that has a poor appearance can have stamped concrete overlays applied and become an excellent surface without the double expense of taking the old out and replacing it with new. To get the same appearance that is possible with stamped concrete overlays requires the same work after the new concrete is installed anyway.

Stamped concrete overlays can be designed to produce many different looks on any concrete surfaces. If you want a cobblestone look or a tile pattern, it can be done. A wide variety of colors is available, and the surface can be finished out in a slip resistant or slick finish as desired.

Additionally, stamped concrete overlays will retain their appearance for many years with very little maintenance. Raw concrete is not that attractive even when it is in great condition. With stamped concrete overlays, your concrete driveway or sidewalks will be much more attractive and add value to your property.

Stamped Concrete Overlays Add Value and Durability

It costs a little more to have stamped concrete overlays, but they give you a much better wearing surface and higher value for whatever concrete surfaces they are placed on. In some cases, stamped concrete overlays are less susceptible to staining and dirt than regular concrete finishes, as well.

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