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Concrete Staining in Orange County CA

You may know about the acid washing treatments that use “aggregates” embedded in concrete and which give the look of a somewhat natural stone, but did you know that concrete staining in Orange County can also give the looks of natural stone to an enormous concrete floor?

It is a unique tactic that has been at work for many years and it can add color or the look of solid stone to any concrete floor. The thing about concrete stain in Orange County is that it has to be done by a professional who understands all of the steps necessary for good results. For instance, you may want a kitchen with stained concrete, you look around for vendors offering to do the work, but you may then realize that a lot of them use subcontractors for a few of the “steps”.

Why is this necessary? Any stained concrete in Orange County has to be done over relatively fresh concrete that was never sealed, or older concrete that never had any sealant applied as well. This is the only way that any acid stain in Orange County will work. It may be necessary to use special extraction machines to get the concrete into the proper conditions too, and that demands special skill and often a license. This is why a lot of people with acid stained concrete in Orange County have used the services of Concrete Coatings Specialists. They are licensed to use the pressure extraction machines, but they also know all about the application and sealing of the materials.

Don’t forget that the top coat or sealant may need to be refreshed at a later date too, and this firm is capable of helping their clients to keep their floors in top condition. If you want to see some examples of their work, visit their galleries at their website:

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