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Are you considering the use of an epoxy floor in Orange County? This is a wise and popular choice for those who have floors with heavy amounts of traffic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that epoxy flooring in Orange County is limited strictly to commercial installations, and a homeowner can easily consider them as a viable option for garage floors, workshops and even busy kitchens.

How is Epoxy Flooring Installed?

A concrete overlay is usually put down before the epoxy floor coating is applied. 

Step 1. Wet the Floor. The first step is to clean the concrete surfaces.
Step 3: Make an acid-etching solution.
Step 4. Scrub and Etch. Let dry for 24 hours.
Step 5: Prepare the Epoxy Coating
Step 6: Pour the coating and spread it evenly with a trowel. Let dry for 24 hours.
Step 7: Apply a top-coat sealant that is anti-slip. Let dry for 24 hours.

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DIY Epoxy Floors or Hire an Epoxy Pro?

The thing about epoxy floors is that they must be installed on garage floor or any other surface by an experienced and knowledgeable firm. There are special techniques and materials that are essential to the success of this sort of application. It is also imperative that any installations of concrete  floors with epoxy flooring can be prepared accordingly.

You also don’t want to divide the work between two contractors. The problem is that a property owner may be forced to do just that if they select the wrong firm to work with. This is why residential and commercial property owners in Southern California are encouraged to contact Concrete Coatings Specialists when they are considering any sort of concrete repair or resurfacing.

Need an Epoxy Flooring Expert for your Floors?

We have all of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to manage any epoxy coating application in the best way possible. We’ve had many years of working with concrete repair and overlays. This means that the results of the project are going to be a “sure thing”. If there is the need for special cleaning or special treatment, call licensed flooring contractors to offer such services.


If you are interested in learning more about overlays, concrete repairs and epoxy coatings, visit their website at, and explore their gallery of the many different services they offer.

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