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Do you think that there should be a major difference between commercial and residential concrete floors in Orange County? For instance, do you feel that a homeowner should be able to use the same decorative concrete contractor that the builder of a local mall was able to use? If you said yes, then we agree! Choose from a wide array of decorative concrete services from us.

We specialize in both commercial and residential installations and can finish or refinish concrete with professionalism and skill. Our concrete resurfacing Orange County services provide you with lovely patios imitating that of brick, slate, natural stone, and more.

Perhaps you have a driveway or pool deck in Orange County that is seriously impacting the curb appeal of your home? No worries, we can help you to find different stamping, concrete staining, or concrete resurfacing materials that can give the precise look you are aiming for. 

We coordinate the finish of the driveway with the finish in the garage, allowing you to have a consistent and extremely stylish yard and home.

Stained Residential Concrete

Have a discolored kitchen floor from all the stains and spills? What about a patio that has cracks and scratches from all the furniture being moved around? Staining concrete is a great way to solve any and all concrete imperfections all over your house.

Our professional team of concrete contractors also install a seal to cover the surfaces making it much more durable and resistant to stains. Get it for your bedrooms, living rooms, patios, pool decks and bathroom floors.  The sky is the limit!

Sundek Floor Refinishing Services

Can old concrete be stained?

Yes. It can be stained if you prep it properly. Remove any residue like paint, grease, wax or any sealers since these prevent the concrete from soaking the stain. Wet your concrete floors to reveal any stains invisible to the eye and target it.

Is it better to paint or stain concrete?

Staining is far better than painting concrete. Paint has the tendency to flake and peel off whereas stains to not. It is a permanent and translucent option when adding color to your concrete floors.

Is concrete stain toxic?

No as long as you use water-based stains since these do not cause a chemical reaction with your concrete. VOC-free Acid-stains are still an option. Read the instructions of each product carefully to apply it the right way.


With concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and concrete repair, our specialists improve all sorts of residential floors like concrete pool overlays, walkways, and sports courts in your yard or garden. So, why wait any longer? Give your home’s surfaces a complete makeover with us. Free Estimate. Call +1 (877) 786-3351 today!

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