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The Special Appeal of Concrete Staining

When you see the words concrete and staining in the same sentence you probably think that a car has leaked fluid on the garage floor and that the concrete is now stained by it, but that is NOT what we mean. What we are talking about is the remarkably innovative finishing technique known as concrete staining. It creates the look of stone thanks to the porous nature of concrete, and it can be found in almost any color imaginable.

This is why concrete staining in San Diego, CA has long been a popular choice for commercial concrete floors and walkways, but now it is just as easy for residential property owners to enjoy concrete stain in San Diego, CA too.

You might ask if this means that stained concrete in San Diego, CA is available for any new concrete installation, and the answer is (generally) yes. As long as the concrete has stabilized and not been sealed it is going to willingly accept the staining process. There are also many ways to get older concrete surfaces to accept the stain. The trick is to know how to properly prepare it for acid stain in San Diego, CA.  This is why expert and professional concrete finishing is needed if you want to find out if acid stained concrete in San Diego, CA is possible at your location.

You can turn to Concrete Coatings Specialists as an ideal resource because they have been working with concrete finishes of all kinds (including staining) for many years. They understand what is needed in order to get older concrete to accept the stain and they know all about the various techniques at use in the modern industry. They can also provide you with excellent sealing services and even come out and reapply the sealant to your high traffic areas whenever needed. You can explore a gallery of their work at their website: