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Seeing a lifeless concrete floor at home or in your business areas, with the same gray color everyday, is tiring. Do you feel this way about your properties? A concrete staining is what you are probably eyeing on.

Many homeowners in San Diego are faced with everyday problems of caring for the floors at home, for both interior and exterior surfaces. Staining is a practical solution achieved fast and with less cost.

It is a remarkably innovative finishing technique. It creates the look of natural polished stone thanks to the porous nature of the material, and it can be found in almost any color imaginable.

At San Diego Concrete Coatings Specialist, we specialize in producing masterful decorative floors. We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right. 

We use only the highest quality materials and equipment, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible results.


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How to Know if Concrete Staining is for You

You might ask if this means that stained concrete in San Diego is available for any new concrete floors installation, and the answer is (generally) yes. 

As long as the flooring surfaces had stabilized and not been sealed. The staining process creates a seamless floor that looks and feels elegant, achieved at a fraction of an expensive material’s cost.

There are also many ways to get older concrete surfaces to accept the stain. The trick is to know how to properly prepare it for acid stain in San Diego, CA.

This is why expert and professional decorative concrete finishing is needed if you want to find out if acid stained concrete in San Diego is possible at your location.

Water-based vs. Acid Stain San Diego

San Diego Water-Based Stain

Water Based Concrete stains have a wide range of color options since these do not produce a chemical reaction. Though they aren’t as vibrant as acid-staining, those who prefer a toned done water-color finish will fall in love with this. Generally, cleaning can also wash off these tints in the long run but most definitely, stays longer and better than your regular paint. No chipping and flaking to worry about! Get only experienced concrete staining contractors that can give you the best results and high-quality products for stains that last long!

Sundek Floor Refinishing Services

San Diego Acid Stain

Look at that vibrant brown tint! That is what Acid Stain San Diego is all about! Because of the chemical reaction involved in the process, the color selection is limited to husky earth colors ranging from browns to reds. Not a problem for those who prefer natural over synthetic hues. The blending can also be quite difficult since different spots of your concrete can stain much faster than others. That is why hiring experienced staining contractors is a must to minimize the discoloration that a faulty process can incur.

Benefits of Concrete Staining San Diego

Concrete staining is popular among San Diego homeowner and for good reason! We’ve listed some great benefits you can reap from getting a San Diego Concrete Staining for your floors.

  • Great Aesthetics. Match your surroundings with the right colors! Want to stain your concrete pool decks? Get a color that contrasts the blue waters. Planning to add color to your patios? Add a hint of husky maroons that will go well with your garden plants and hedges. Wherever you plan to resurface, concrete staining will add a whole new feel to the area!
  • Highly Durable. Compared to using paint, these stains will never flake or crack. This is because the colors penetrate deep into the concrete and therefore, act as one with it. A sealer is a great addition to complete the process.
  • Long-Lasting. High traffic and abrasive activities won’t get the color out of your floors. Of course, the concrete itself can still be damaged and we recommend a sealer or overlay for that but generally, it outlasts paint in terms of time. You won’t be needing to stain it again unless you want a different color.
  • Customizable. Be unique and stand out! Host any party or event confidently knowing that your floors were personalized by yours truly. Whatever your personality, we’re sure to get you a hue that matches you and your home.
  • Smooth Application. This is especially true for polished or levelled concrete floors. No need to fear about underlying dirt, dust and grime under paint because the stains will be seeped in by the surface. Plus, any previous stains and discoloration will be masked well.
  • Low Maintenance. Wash away with soap and water without fear of stripping off the tints. Once the process is done, you can clean it the same way you’d clean any concrete floor.

Why Get Professional Concrete Contractors for your Floors

You can turn to us as an ideal resource because they have been working with decorative concrete finishes of all kinds (including staining) for many years.

 They understand what is needed in order to get older concrete to accept the concrete stain and they know all about the various techniques at use in the modern industry. 

They can also provide you with excellent sealing services and even come out and reapply the sealant to your high traffic areas whenever needed. You can explore a gallery of their work at their website:

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