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Acrylic Cement Coating is the combination of silica sand, Portland cement, and plastics, and it produces the best overlay for any concrete whether old or new. 

Those who have made other similar products have not achieved the success that Acrylic Cement Coating has because they’re just not the same product.

The reason Acrylic Cement Coating is such a valuable product is that it allows the concrete to breathe. The inability of the concrete to breathe is the main cause of failures with many topping products designed to seal and coat. 

Moisture in the concrete has to have a way to escape or any coating applied to it will not adhere and bond to the concrete surfaces.

Benefits of Acrylic Coatings for your Concrete Floors

Plenty of homeowners and business owners seek the benefits that acrylic coatings can give. Here are just some.

  • No Slips. You have probably seen Acrylic Cement Coating and didn’t even realize it. A slip-resistant concrete pool deck has usually had an application of Acrylic Cement Coating. 
  • Cool Floors. If the surface of the deck remains cooler in hot weather, again it’s most likely Acrylic Cement Coating that has been applied to the concrete pool deck.
  • Customizable. There are more designs and colors than you will believe. Acrylic Cement Coating is sprayed on and scored in any way imaginable. The finish can remain slightly pimpled or it can be smoothed out into a slick finish application.

Why get Professional Concrete Contractors to do Acrylic Overlays.

Many of the man-made concrete coatings on the market are not applicable for use on exterior surfaces, but Acrylic Cement Coating has been used on exteriors in all the southern states and as far north as Illinois. Our specialists offer a guarantee with each installation so you are sure to get a lasting finish backed up by a quality product manufacturer.

You may find other products that resemble this coating, but you can only find one that is the time tested original.

Only superior materials can bring you top -quality flooring systems and other services. Professionals like us solely rely on trusted brands. Sundek is a pioneer introducing and providing quality decorative concrete. Make sure only to achieve the best-resurfacing services when you have us finish your floors.

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