Various Concrete Coating Materials For Your Flooring

You are in for a lot of choices if you want to apply concrete floor coatings whether it is at your home or in a commercial area. Aside from sealers, you can apply paints or stains. Paints need a moderately rough floor feature for it to bond well and last. You can accomplish that using acid etching but grinding or shot blasting can be done (and is highly recommended) for commercial and industrial floors.

Application of paints or concrete flooring stains can be quite easy depending of the kind of epoxy paint you use. All you have to do is mix the paint up, apply it on the floor, and throw paint chips on the wet paint if you are using them. Some of the stronger epoxies solidify quickly and should only be used by professionals such as concrete flooring contractors. It is best that a clear coat of sealer be applied as the last step to act as the shield. This sealer will be the first one to flake off and wear out before the stain.

The most expensive and difficult floor coating is concrete overlay. In the category of overlays, there are several different types of concrete toppings as well as self leveling overlays which are commonly used as “underlayments” for other flooring. They are also used to fix damaged concrete floors and level uneven slabs. Spray-on-overlays are on the whole used to create slip resistant surfaces that are easy on the feet and effortless to clean.

There are colors and stencils which can also be used with spray on overlays for a more customized surface. Spray-on-overlays are just one of many types of ornamental overlays. They include concrete floor stamping overlays and decorative interior overlays. Overlays require a lot of planning and can be labor intense. It’s recommended that they only be installed by professional concrete flooring contractors.

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